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KAVIP全球代付服务,提供电商购物,生活缴费,旅游出行,就医等代付服务 - KAVIP全球华人综合服务商城

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Employee Monitoring Software | Workpuls

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Talk About the Benefits (To Them)


Sure, as the boss or owner, you know what you’ll get out of screen monitoring software. But, for wary employees, it might not be so clear. There’s a simple answer to this: show them how it’ll benefit them. For instance, the hundreds of thousands of employees monitored companies using Workpuls experience.

    Faster, more accurate payments thanks to automatic, activity-based payroll
    More recognition and reward for their performance through user activity monitoring that highlights high achievers
    Being part of a more efficient, high performing team where it doesn’t feel like they’re carrying an unfair share of the work
    Insights into their work to improve their skills, ability and advance their careers
    No painful manual time and activity reporting or weekly reports
    Freedom to work remotely on their own terms more often as managers can now track their work from anywhere
    Greater autonomy from managers and team leaders who can now ‘light-touch’ manage using a real-time monitoring dashboard
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