nike off white

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nike off white

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ÿþSwoosh designer Wilson Smith wanted to figure out how to nike vapormax flyknit make Nike s triumph even more apparent. ?Scottie Pippen made this model his own as a part of Chicago s triumph over Seattle in the  96 Finals, then rocked the just-retroed patriotic pair at the Atlanta Olympics while a nation of young sneakerheads followed along as best we could (anyone else cop the Air Much Uptempo takedown version?). ?Have a closer look at sketches and promotional material as well as some words from the designer below and stick with Sneaker News for more on this trip down memory lane through two decades of Nike Basketball standouts .

Nike Basketball continues its march toward the London Olympics and the Dream Team 20th anniversary with another look at a classic design that changed the game. ?That the Nike Air Raid is the third such entrant from 1992 is an indication of how prolific the Swoosh and particularly designer Tinker Hatfield were that year. ?And just like Hatfield s Air nike air force 1 for womens Flight Huarache became associated with the Michigan Wolverines, his work with longtime associate Mark Smith on the Air Raid s X-strapped streetball sensibility came about at a time when multiple cultural movements converged to create a perfect storm. ?

Rather than resorting to extra bulk, the Nike Air Raid was a shoe that needed to be built nike running shoes from the ground up. The sole stayed flat to ensure total contact with the ground and the quest to strike a balance between resilience and light weight resulted in an expressive and interactive design that worked with an outdoor environment. The heavy-duty lateral bumper was added out of necessity, padding was studied meticulously and Tinker s cross strap design delivered total lockdown through experience.  I was looking at how athletes tape their ankles. And to this day maintains a reputation as one of if not the single most comfortable roundball designs of the new millennium.

That  X arrived at a moment when knowledge of self and roughneck aesthetics nike mens shoes united. Through sheer coincidence, movements converged and a bubbling culture spilled into the Nike Air Raid s DNA almost unconsciously. Supported by an equally confrontational ad campaign that helped imprint an  X on an entire generation s psyche, caged courts got the shoes it deserved. Twenty years later, it s still one of Tinker s favorite projects.  We felt that in a short space of time, we d caught the essence of the shoe itself  a rougher game without officials and referees.

With a name that rhymes with  hoops , it seems like a future in basketball was in the stars. Nike Basketball continues its 20-shoe retrospective of Nike Basketball of the last two decades with the Air Swoopes  the first signature sneaker for a female basketball athlete. The pioneering era of Swoopes came right as the WNBA was born, and the league certainly flourished thanks to Sheryl s bonafide superstar status and elite level of performance; Nike jumped at the bit and created the Nike Air Swoopes and create a reversal of trends as men sought after the shoe as well. More of the Air Swoopes below, so take a look and check out the entire story archive of Nike Basketball: 1992-2012 if you ve missed out on any earlier entries.

Designer Aaron Cooper had the high-pressure task of penning the first chapter of what nike react element 55 Nike had projected to be a life-time partnership. Today, the Nike LeBron series is a certified hit, and it all started with Cooper s Nike Zoom Generation of 2003; the sneaker was constructed inside-out and built on a foundation of comfort, while the design centered around the  modern soldier , as LeBron transcended Force, Flight, and Uptempo altogether. The finished product was a sleek field-boot style that drew inspiration from the massive Hummer H2 SUV, and upon putting them on for the first time, LeBron stated the shoes were Kuva  the most comfortable shoes [he s] worn  the most comfortable shoes [he s] worn .
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