air jordans 6

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air jordans 6

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If you waited air jordans 3 long enough, you were able to pick these up for below retail. When the Air Jordan 20 originally released in 2005, it wasn't that popular of a sneaker. You were able to buy almost every colorway weeks after they released, and sometimes even at discounted prices. When news broke that the Air Jordan 20 was receiving the retro treatment this year people were excited. But once it actually arrived at retailers it seemed to be a different story. Not even the laser print all over the upper could make these "insta-cops." Call them what you want, the fact is that this Air Jordan 5 looks like it was rushed by Jordan Brand. When I look at it I feel like something is missing. Maybe some speckling on the midsole? Or some color contrasting on the eyelets? SOMETHING! Besides, there's way too much blue on this sneaker.

I expected a lot more from the Air Jordan 7 this year, being that its celebrating its 23rd anniversary. Pick it up Jordan!!! This is one of, if not the most surprising retro to make it on this list. I mean an all white Air Jordan 5 with tumbled a leather upper? What's not to like? The only thing I can think of is that maybe it's TOO MUCH white? That air jordan 1 mid 3M tongue is also a nice touch. Come to think of it, why haven't I copped a pair yet??? I'm about to go hit up eBay. Much like the Air Jordan 4 "Columbia", I think people didn't really know what to expect with this release. Come to think of it, I don't think that ANY Air Jordan 7 that releases this year will be selling out instantly, except for maybe the "Hare" and air jordan 6 "Bordeaux" colorways, and any other "limited" releases ( Championship Pack ).

Jordan Brand knows they've got a treasure trove of colorways and models that sneakerheads would gladly pay that one hundred ninety dollars for and I'm not even just talking Air Jordans proper. The late '90s was also a great time for Team Jordans and now would be a great time to recognize that history with a remastered effort as well. So in a rare (hah) moment of selfishness, here are 10 Air Jordan (And Team Jordan) Retros That Would Actually Be Worth A "Remastered" Effort In 2015 (For Me). In other words, I would gladly pay over two thousands dollars (one hundred ninety plus tax ten times over) if all of these retros dropped this year. Because I can and why not? We already know the Air Jordan 10 "Chicago" came back with the "45" air jordan mid 1 numbering that perfectly encapsulates that era when MJ came back the first time, so this is nothing more than a safe entry on this list.

Then again, even classics both old and of a recent vintage like the "Laney" also got bastardized thanks to everybody's desire to match their outfit with their kicks. With a higher price point and a smaller run, maybe a remastered "Laney" release won't cause as much of a ruckus. I'm probably wrong about that, but dammit, the "Laney" is the only colorway of the 5 that I actually like. No disrespect to the well-meaning "Flu Game" with nubuck material that dropped in 2009, but I want and need (yes, there's a difference) the Air Jordan 12 with the heavy leather. The Air Jordan 12 is still the most badass Js ever made and this colorway only amplifies that, not to mention the legend of the actual Flu Game grows stronger with each passing year, especially if you believe the Jalen Rose version.

ÿþAs we venture into a new generation of Jordan's, it is hard to not stop and pay homage to the Jordan's that bought us to this point. Some of which we haven't seen in upwards of 6 years. Everyone has that one pair of shoes that they wish had come back out. Unfortunately, Jordan brand has put some colorways back into the vault. Comprised we have a list of shoes that the sneaker community hasn't seen in a while but are undeniably fire. ÿþJustin Tuck knows style. Professional and college football players everywhere have him to thank for the scariest facemask in the game. His custom facemask is now used prominently by defenders nationwide. Imagine the PE Air Jordan cleats he could think up. He's one of two New York Giants on this list.

You can't call it favoritism though, especially since the Giants are amongst the worst teams in the league. Yes, Hakeem Nicks is already sponsored by Jordan Brand, but Tuck would be perfect for the sponsorship. His level of air jordans 6 dominance in the NFL has earned him two Super Bowl rings in his career, and his sneaker collection is well put together as evidenced by the pictures he posts in the freshest retro Air Jordans from his twitter account. It's a long shot lobbying for a defensive lineman to earn a Jordan Brand endorsement (Warren Sapp is the closest comparison), but Tuck would be the perfect big man to start with. ÿþTy Lawson has put up numbers in Denver and has really made his way into prominence since Carmelo left Kuva the Nuggets in favor of the New York Knicks.
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